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Meet Chef Lin

Meet Lin, our head chef. Born in China, Lin finished his education then came over to the UK on a working holiday in his early twenties. 

Whilst working part time in a restaurant, Lin found a love for cooking and became an apprentice. After 6 months, he was promoted to second chef, then to head chef after a further 2 years.

He continued to work at this restaurant for another 7 years as head chef before starting his own business. During this time, Lin learnt how to cook many dishes, specialising in Chinese cuisine.

In his leisure time, Lin likes to create fusion dishes and different styles of cuisine. Being a family man, he loves to make food for his whole family, catering to all ages. Each dish is tried and tested until he deems them perfect, packed full of healthy nutrients and made with minimal grease.

To date, Lin has over 15 years experience as a head chef, and runs a successful takeaway whilst looking after his family. Every meal he cooks is filled with love and passion, and he aspires to give every customer the best culinary experience.